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Larnaca Airport food and restaurants

Restaurants in Larnaca Airport

Planning to travel through the Larnaca International Airport? Then this information will be most useful to you. Find out more about dining options and food outlets at Larnaca Airport to save time and fully enjoy your trip.


Touch the authenticity and feel the unforgettable atmosphere of Cyprus in AVLI. Here you can taste traditional Cypriot dishes combined with Greek cuisine. The very name of the restaurant “AVLI” suggests that you will always be welcomed and treated with delicacies there. You can find AVLI in the area of Departures on the second level (after the Passport Control zone). The opening hours vary depending on the daily flight schedule, find the information at the entrance of the restaurant.

Burger King at Larnaca Airport

Upon arrival at the airport, catch the moment to enjoy with the King of Burgers. Everyone's favourite Larnaca airport departures food chain with a huge variety of flame-grilled burgers, sandwiches, and desserts, where everyone will find something to their liking. Find Burger King in the Departure Lobby, next to the smoking area. The working hours of Burger King can be found at the entrance of the restaurant as they can be changed according to the flight schedule.

The Caffe Ritazza

This cafe is a great option for coffee lovers to have a 24/7 snack. The rich taste of this drink in the Caffe Ritazza will give you a sip of pleasure and vivacity. In addition to classic coffee varieties, this cafe also offers its own branded line. Freshly baked crispy croissants and cakes could be a perfect accompaniment to your drink. The cafe is located in the Departure zone and operates around the clock.

Camden Food Co

If you are a fan of organic and 100% natural food at Larnaca Airport, then this snack option is for you. Here you can maintain a healthy balanced diet by taking a glass of your favourite freshly squeezed juice and vegetable salad. Treat yourself to a piece of organic chocolate and buy Cypriot delicacies such as halloumi or Soutzoukos. You should go to the gates area in the Departure hall to find the Camden Food Co. Check the work schedule on the spot as it may change daily.

Costa Coffee at Larnaca Airport

This popular British café chain will be an excellent choice for breakfast, lunch, or a quick bite at the airport. Take a break and enjoy a cup of aromatic Maple hazel Latte or Salted Caramel Frappe. Costa Coffee offers a wide variety of drinks and snacks for everyone, regardless of their diet or preferences. If you want to visit Costa Coffee, go to the car parking zone on the departure level, or on the second level after security control (airside).

Mobile Ordering

For your convenience and saving time, Costa Coffee offers a mobile ordering service. This option is valid only in the airside zone. To quickly order your favourite coffee online at Larnaca Airport cafe, follow the next steps:

Dao Dao

Asian food is always tasty, fast, and affordable. For travellers who prefer unusual combinations, Dao Dao will offer Chef specialties like BBQ lamb ribs or the famous Peking roast duck. The highlight will be the live cooking demonstration from the Asian chefs, who will prepare dinner, especially for you. Don’t miss to take food-to-go. You can find the Dao Dao restaurant in the Departure lobby on the second floor after the Passport control zone.

Diner Onair

It is a cosy place with a view of the aircraft to pass the time while waiting for a flight. This restaurant will offer you a large selection of national Cypriot cuisine. Travellers can also treat themselves to the traditional grilled chicken or salmon. You can check out the menu online before visiting one of the best restaurants Larnaca Airport. Diner Onair is located on the second floor in the Departure lobby before the passport control zone and opens daily from 7 am to 11 pm.

Factory Kitchen and Bar

If you are looking for a pleasant place for a light snack or a refreshing drink, then the Factory Kitchen and Bar could be a perfect choice for you. Try fresh green salad with quinoa or halloumi bits with cheese prepared according to the original recipe. You can finish your meal with sweet Belgian waffles and your favourite cappuccino. You can browse the Factory Kitchen menu at the Larnaca Airport here.


Flavours is a paradise for lovers of freshly baked pastries. Pizzas and pies straight from the oven will quickly satisfy your hunger and leave a pleasant aftertaste from your stay at the Larnaca Airport. This cafe offers a wide selection of biscuits, chocolates, and other desserts. You can also order food to go if you are a bit pressed for time. You should go to the Arrivals meet & greet area on Level 0 to visit Flavours. Please note that opening hours may vary depending on flight schedules, so check the time on the spot.

Flo cafe

True coffee connoisseurs will appreciate this popular Greek chain. Here you can enjoy the original strong brew of coffee with the perfect foam on the top (kaimaki). Feel the subtle nuances of Arabica while sitting at a cosy table in the outdoor zone. You can also complement your snack with a fresh pastry or sandwich. You can find Flo cafe at the Arrivals area at Level 0 before the Passport Control point.

Food for flight

Don`t you have enough time to dine in the restaurants or visit Larnaca Airport bars? Then this outlet is for you. For those passengers who want to take food on board or have a quick snack before take-off, Food for flight provides a wide selection of takeaway products. Here you'll find individually wrapped sandwiches and pastries, as well as yoghurts, sushi, and all-you-can-eats along the way. The outlet is located at the departure zone after Passport Control and is open 24/7 or varies according to the daily flight schedule.


For travellers who consider themselves adventurous gourmets and fans of eco food, the airport offers a great dining option. Please your body with a shock dose of vitamins by drinking healthy smoothies made from fresh juicy fruits. To get a charge of vivacity and energy for the whole day is easy. When looking for Larnaca Airport shops and restaurants, stop at Haven at Departures zone on the second floor. Please consider that the working schedule can vary daily, so check it on the spot.

Levito pizza&pasta

This restaurant is an ideal choice for lovers of traditional Italian cuisine. Here you can enjoy a special recipe of pasta prepared on-site by chefs. You can also delight your taste buds with the traditional pizza Napoletana, Calabrian burger, or sweet tartufo with pistachio. You can find Levito pizza&pasta at the Departure area on Level 2. The opening hours of the restaurant can be changed according to the flight schedule.

Segafredo Espresso

This popular Italian chain was created in order to provide travellers in a hurry with delicious fast food at Larnaca Airport. Here you can order a glass of soft drink or favourite mochaccino with a delicious tortilla sandwich. You can also enjoy an invigorating Italian espresso in Segafredo cafe. It is situated at the Departures zone on Level 2, before and after the passport control point. Please check out the working hours of the Segafredo Espresso on the spot, as they can vary depending on the flight schedule.

Upper Crust

Here you can take delicious fresh baked baguettes with chicken, salad, or vegetables on board. You can also eat something tasty like a sandwich or other quick snack on the spot. Upper Crust offers visitors a wide range of beverages and high-quality coffee. Visit Upper Crust at the Departures lobby on Level 2 after the Passport Control zone.