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Hermes Airport Parking Larnaca

Larnaca Airport parking options

Car Park at Larnaca Airport offers the following options: long stay (covered and uncovered), short stay (uncovered), car rentals, and places for people with disabilities.

Do you want to leave your car in a convenient place? Book it online and get a discount on parking at Larnaca Airport! People with limited abilities can also use special parking lots located right next to the airport entrance.

Larnaca Airport parking map

Larnaca Airport has a parking map that is very easy to navigate.

Drop-off and pick-up area at LCA Airport

Larnaca Airport parking slots include an opportunity to drive up to a special parking place if you are picking someone up or, conversely, dropping them off.

They are very easy to spot because they are highlighted with orange near the entrance to the airport. Please note that they offer passenger pick-up and drop-off free of charge for only 1.5 minutes. If you stay for a longer time, the turnstile is lowered and you have no choice but to pay for parking.

People with disabilities can enter another line and board or disembark for another 5.5 minutes without a fee.

Long-term parking at Larnaca Airport

Long-stay uncovered parking at Larnaca Airport

Uncovered Larnaca Airport long-term parking offers the most convenient way of parking. It has a low price, a large number of available places, fast and affordable orientation in places.

All parking spaces here are uncovered and have an automatic parking system (each owner has the keys to their parking space). The number is also automatically issued to you by simply pressing a button. There are also about 22 places for people with disabilities.

Larnaca Airport covered parking

As for covered long-term airport parking in Larnaca Airport, it is located a little further than the uncovered zone (approximately 3 minutes of walking). This option is a little more expensive, as you are paying for your car to be preserved from bad weather conditions.

This area is under the strict supervision of guards, who are ensuring that no one steals a car and does not violate the rules of stopping.

Larnaca Airport short-stay parking

Short-stay parking Larnaca Airport Cyprus provides a larger selection of parking services that are cheaper and more convenient.

This place is located right next to the airport and offers a wide range of services for visitors. The parking lots here are not covered. Also, while parking a car in this area, you will be given special keys to your parking lot.

The parking fee is determined by the hour, depending on how long you leave the car.

Larnaca Airport parking prices

Parking at Larnaca airport has a wide price range depending on the desired number of minutes or hours for parking. Remember that these prices are higher if you arrive in fact. By booking online, you save money.

Short and long-term uncovered spaces have almost identical prices, which are represented according to the parking time needed:

Regarding Larnaca Airport parking prices for covered parking, see below:

Parking in Larnaca Airport for disabled passengers

People with disabilities can use a special Blue Card, which offers a free parking option for 120 minutes. This option is displayed on the parking ticket, which you must take anyway.

There are 22 places each in short and long stay uncovered, and 6 in long stay covered.

Absolutely everything in the car park at Larnaca Airport is designed for the comfort of people who have limited capabilities.