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Flight Information Larnaca Airport

Larnaca Airport flight schedule

The main and one of the largest airports in Cyprus, which directly serves Larnaca and its surrounding areas, is Larnaca Airport. Its service includes domestic and international flights. With our display, you can check your flight status in Larnaca airport.


Flight From Airline Time Status
CY313 LCA 00:05 scheduled
W64550 LCA 00:30 DELAYED 02:35
CY107 LCA 00:40 active
AA6702 LCA 00:50 DELAYED 02:18
BA672 LCA 00:50 DELAYED 02:18
OA6910 LCA 01:10 DELAYED 01:35
A3910 LCA 01:10 DELAYED 01:35
CY415 LCA 02:20 scheduled
JU886 LCA 03:20 landed
AF9719 LCA 03:20 scheduled
W65749 LCA 04:30 DELAYED 05:30


Flight To Airline Time Status
OA6901 LCA 05:00 scheduled
FB1501 LCA 05:00 scheduled
A3901 LCA 05:00 scheduled
JU887 LCA 04:05 scheduled

FAQs about Larnaca flights

What to do if my flight is delayed?

If flights are delayed, there are several ways you can solve the problem.

1. First, call the support service and talk to the airline staff;

2. You can request compensation or a refund for the ticket if it is in the rules of the company;

3. You may be offered tourist vouchers instead of cash. Or you can request meal vouchers or hotel credits yourself if the flight is delayed for more than 3 hours;

4. Otherwise, try to devote yourself to some activity and wait for your flight.

If you want to leave your luggage and go about your business, you can use the luggage storage at the airport. The cost of the service is 10 euros for 3 hours or 13 euros for 3-5 hours.

If the delayed Larnaca flights are long enough, your airline is responsible and must provide you with:

1. Food and drinks;

2. Accommodation in case of overnight delay;

3. Travel to the hotel;

4. Or compensation.

But it all depends on the length of the delay. If it takes more than 4 hours, this is already a serious delay.

What if my flight from Larnaca was canceled?

If your flight to Larnaca has been canceled, don't be in a hurry to get upset. First, talk to an agent or call the airline while you wait. In most cases, your aviation will be booked for free on the first available flight.

If the airline cancels your flight, they must find you an available seat on the next one. Or, in case you refuse to travel, you must refund the ticket, according to the law. If you have planned aviation with several stops, the company must refund the money for the part of the flying that you did not use.

The airline should help you if you are stuck abroad due to a canceled flight. They should help until you can reach your final destination.

The company must provide you:

1. Free accommodation;

2. Transfer;

3. Food and drinks.

The airline must assist you until you can reach the end of the route. Or you can do everything yourself, and the airline will refund you. The main thing is to save all receipts.