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Larnaca International Airport Departures

Larnaca Airport departures today

Larnaca Airport is a modern Airport with technologies that facilitate the handling of large passenger flow. Use our web display to quickly check flight status or find information about the Larnaca Airport departures schedule.


Flight To Airline Time Status
OA6901 LCA 05:00 active
A3901 LCA 05:00 active
JU887 LCA 04:05 scheduled
FB1501 LCA 05:00 scheduled

Check-in options at Larnaca Cyprus Airport

A self-check-in and electronic entry gates (E-gates) system are currently available at Larnaca Airport for passengers’ convenience. Such a self-service model saves your time and lets you keep calm when checking in for a flight.

Self-check-in at Larnaca Airport

Upon arrival at Larnaca airport, you have an option to mark and check in luggage by yourself. Thus, you will save time at the terminal, and the check-in procedure will become even easier. Travellers can print luggage tags on their own using Tagomat® and Bagomat kiosks at Larnaca Airport. This process will only take 10 seconds. Airport staff will be happy to help you learn this new technology. You should move to the Self Tagging Baggage Drop Off counter and continue your journey.


Larnaca Airport strives to simplify the procedure of Larnaca Airport departures for travellers. Thus, technologies may reduce waiting time and long queues. The airport introduced an automatic-electronic entry gates system, which allows you to proceed directly to the security checkpoint, Duty-free, store zone, and gates after scanning your boarding pass. There are only three simple steps required for quick access through the E-gates. This procedure takes less than 30 seconds. In this way boarding becomes automatic., so it allows serving up to 1800 passengers per hour without delays and long queues.

How early to arrive at Larnaca International Airport?

The airport states that travellers should arrive two hours before departure from Larnaca. However, you may need more time to pass through the security desk or for luggage drop-off. So it is better to arrive at the airport with a greater margin of time.

Baggage policy of LCA Airport

Larnaca Airport sets the rules for carrying liquids, aerosols, and gels on board. The main demand is to store such items in a transparent and well-sealed plastic bag. In this case, the volume of liquids or aerosols should not exceed 1 litre and the bag`s size should be approximately 20cmx20cm.

It is better to prepare your package in advance. Thus, you can quickly provide it at the Larnaca Airport security desk. Please remember that your plastic bag must be sealed, and the items inside must fit comfortably. Each passenger is allowed to carry only one bag with liquids. The only exceptions are medicines and baby products that travellers may need during the flight.

Travelling with pets from Larnaca, Cyprus

If you are travelling with your pet, check out the requirements for animal transportation on board the aircraft. Please, contact the airline's call centre for more information about Larnaca flights with pets. Be aware that the rules of pet transportation (in the passenger cabin, in the aircraft hold, or as freight) vary by destination and air company. You can also check out the procedure for travelling with pets as Hold Luggage through the Larnaca International Airport.