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Larnaca Airport Money Exchange

What is the currency in Larnaca, Cyprus?

The euro is the official money of Cyprus, like in most countries of the European Union. It replaced the Cypriot pound back in 2008 and has remained so ever since.

Money exchange options at Larnaca Airport

AED/USD 0.27

CAD/USD 0.74

CNY/USD 0.14

CHF/USD 1.11

EUR/USD 1.07

GBP/USD 1.24

PLN/USD 0.24


ILS/USD 0.27

JPY/USD 0.01


If you wish to exchange currency in Larnaca, you can do so in the arrivals terminal entrance hall. A branch of one of the famous commercial banks "The Bank of Cyprus" is located there.

The working schedule is the same as in local banks and depends on the day of the week.

Larnaca Airport ATMs

Do not worry if you arrived at the airport and did not have time to reach the bank branch. ATMs are located in different parts of the airport and open anytime. You can use them to withdraw cash or to exchange money at Larnaca Аirport.

The terminals are located: a registration area, central bar, gate no. 25, and baggage claim area.

Onexchange Larnaca airport

Yet, you can also order currency online before your flight and receive it at the airport.

Currency exchange services through Oneexchange offer the exchange of any currency at a favorable rate.

Oneexchange at Larnaca Airport has situated:

- at level 2 upon departure;

- at level 0 upon arrival.