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ECONOMY car rental at Larnaca International Airport

How to rent a ECONOMY car at Larnaca Airport?

Booking the best ECONOMY car is easy and time efficient nowadays. Via our website, you can compare the prices for the rental and choose from different brands and companies just in a few clicks!

Our search engine is fast and easy to use. However, if you still find it complicated to book via our website, look at the instruction below:

Some things will make your booking easier. Our engine allows you to find the options of a guaranteed auto model rental provided by some companies. To put it simply, when you cannot find the right car currently, you will be able to get it for your next trip for sure.

Another tip for convenient booking ECONOMY cars for rent is using the search result filter. It allows you to customize the list of available options to make it more accurate to your needs.

 Renault Symbol
Economy Renault Symbol

from €11 per day

global rent a car
 Toyota Yaris
Economy Toyota Yaris

from €11.2 per day

global rent a car
 Nissan March
Economy Nissan March

from €11.3 per day

city car
 Kia Picanto
Economy Kia Picanto

from €11.9 per day

 Renault Twingo
Economy Renault Twingo

from €12 per day

city car
 Renault Sandero
Economy Renault Sandero

from €12.2 per day

green motion
 Ford Fiesta
Economy Ford Fiesta

from €13.2 per day

 Hyundai i10
Economy Hyundai i10

from €13.8 per day

How much is it to rent a ECONOMY car from Larnaca Airport, Cyprus?

If you want to hire a ECONOMY car at Larnaca Airport, remember that the price for the rental depends on several factors:

Some have deals for business trips at different prices, and some provide leisure travel cars. The specialty of the company influences the cost.

Usually, warm seasons are perfect for travelling, which is why the demand increases and, as a result, the cost.

The cost depends on the popularity and availability of the location.

If you are interested in a concrete cost of a ECONOMY car, see more info below:

FAQs about renting a ECONOMY car in Larnaca Cyprus Airport

Where to hire a ECONOMY car at Larnaca Airport in Cyprus?

ECONOMY car rental at Larnaca Airport is provided by many companies. Foremost, some rental providers are within the main terminals. It means you can enter the building, use the signs and find the service of the vehicle hire company. Not every service is there, so before renting your ECONOMY car, check if the company you like is on-airport.

There are lots of other providers that offer free shuttles that transport customers to the main offices. Use the signs in Larnaca Airport to find the shuttle parking areas. We highly recommend you know the number of the right shuttle before your rental.

How to hire a cheap ECONOMY car at Larnaca International Airport?

With our website, you can book a cheap ECONOMY car for hire for every occasion! Our search engine allows you to customize the list of available options so you can see low-price deals. However, to make your booking even more profitable, look at our top tips:

What is the cheapest ECONOMY rental car at Cyprus Larnaca Airport?

The cost of the car often changes depending on specific circumstances, so you should always check the costs in advance. Our website has one of the best search engines that allows you to compare prices and find the cheapest deals online.

Currently, the cheapest ECONOMY rental model is Renault Symbol - €11.2/day;

Can someone else drive a ECONOMY car that I hire from Larnaca LCA Airport?

Yes, most car rentals allow additional drivers. However, you should know that the second driver must meet the requirements of the vehicle hire provider. Always check the rules before your booking.

Also, remember about the fees. Different surcharges depend on the company, but here is general info for ECONOMY cars: