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ALAMO car hire at Larnaca Airport

Is it worth hiring a car from ALAMO at Larnaca Airport?

8.3 / 10

Based on 5,000 customer reviews Average waiting time is 13 min
8.2 / 10 Overall value for money

7.5 / 10 Cleanliness of the car

8.9 / 10 Service at the rental desk

8.4 / 10 Car hire pick-up process

8.5 / 10 Car hire drop-off process

Every time you plan a fantastic road trip, you think about transport. All journeys require vehicles of the highest quality provided by the best companies. If you try car hire at Larnaca Airport, you will open the door to the best adventure with lots of advantages.

Thanks to ALAMO rental, there is always a wide range of vehicles to choose from. With the services of this company, you will be able to experience great journeys with no issues! Use the services of ALAMO at Larnaca Airport to receive lots of benefits:

The services of ALAMO in Larnaca will do their best to provide every customer with a brand new level of comfortable car rental. Only several minutes in the registration form, and your perfect vehicle is already waiting for you!

 Kia Picanto
Mini Kia Picanto

from €16.2 per day

 Ford Fiesta
Economy Ford Fiesta

from €16.7 per day

 Renault Megane
Compact Renault Megane

from €24 per day

 Daihatsu Terios
SUV Daihatsu Terios

from €38.8 per day

 Mercedes E Class
Premium Mercedes E Class

from €91.4 per day

ALAMO rental cars in Larnaca

If you are looking for a car rental in Larnaca, you do not need to worry about the lack of options. Lots of companies provide their services, allowing you to have a chance to drive all kinds of cars. There is an auto for every trip that will suit your needs, no matter what they are. Together with ALAMO in Cyprus and Larnaca specifically, you will be able to drive such types of vehicles:

ALAMO additional driver options in Larnaca

The options provided by ALAMO in Larnaca Airport make it possible for you to have an additional driver. However, remember that you should follow the agreement that the company requires. In addition, all customers should pay an additional driver fee, which is determined by the company. Find more details about the service while booking.

ALAMO Larnaca Airport fuel policy

ALAMO Larnaca Airport rentals are not available at different fuel policies. The only option for the customer is to return the vehicle with the same amount of fuel the car was handed with. However, if the tank is not filled with the same supply of petrol, the company will charge you additionally.

FAQs about ALAMO car hire at Larnaca Airport

How much is it to rent a car from ALAMO at Larnaca LCA Airport?

ALAMO Larnaca Airport car rental is available at any price and suitable for both limited and unlimited budgets. Among the options available, you can find various models, and one of the cheapest cars from ALAMO is a Kia Picanto which costs only €15.9. The average rental price reaches €37.3, and the most expensive vehicle is a Mercedes E Class with €91.5/day.

What is the cheapest rental car from ALAMO at Larnaca Airport?

If you want to try cheap ALAMO car rental in LCA, then Mini Kia Picanto is your best option with only €15.9 per day. If you have a specific discount, you will pay even less!

What documents do I need to rent a car from ALAMO?

While preparing for your car rental, keep in mind that various companies have different rules about documents. If you want to rent a car, provided by ALAMO specifically, you should check the info beforehand. However, there is a general list of papers that are needed:

If you have a UK licence, you will not need to have an International Driving Permit to book a ALAMO car hire at Larnaca Airport.

How much is the deposit for ALAMO car rental in Larnaca?

While renting your car, take into consideration that the deposit varies and is influenced by availability and vehicle quality. The better your car is, the larger the deposit.

Specifically in Larnaca, here you can find vehicles provided at the deposit which varies from €250 to €2000. To avoid unexpected inconveniences, always check the relevant information before your vehicle hire.

How long does it take for ALAMO to refund deposit?

Usually, the deposit return is processed within 24 hours, or it can take from 5 to 10 working days. It always depends on your bank.

How much is ALAMO rental car insurance in Larnaca, Cyprus?

Vehicle hire insurance that is provided by ALAMO is convenient and suitable for every occasion. Generally, it covers all the clients for various accidents that might happen during the period of car hire. Among the available packages, there are ones that release drivers from the responsibility for theft, vandalism, or damage.

Feel free to try CDW, which costs from €12/day, or pay only €2 to get Windscreen Insurance.

How good is ALAMO car rental?

ALAMO is a great service, which is rated 8.7, and provides the best options of car rental for all clients.