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Car rental at Larnaca International Airport, Cyprus

Why rent a car from Larnaca Airport?

Being able to travel at your own pace without any schedule is the main reason to choose a road trip by car and Cyprus fits this concept perfectly. With a short distance between opposite coasts, this island gives quick access to its major sights. You can cruise along the Mediterranean in search of captivating landscapes, or explore the rich local culture in Paphos, Nicosia, or Limassol. With four wheels at hand, you are free to plan your route. Thus, picking up a car hire at Larnaca Airport will be a great idea for a fun-filled Cyprus trip.

Despite the numerous downtown locations available, it will be much more convenient for you to start from the airport. Firstly, you can hit the road immediately after landing, and secondly, you don’t need to pay for a taxi to get to a nearby city office. The abundance of deals for all tastes, extended opening hours, and a large selection of companies are also strong advantages when picking up auto at the airport.

So, driving in Cyprus is an excellent way to spend a short weekend or a long vacation. The main thing is to choose the right vehicle from a trusted supplier.

 Opel Adam
Mini Opel Adam

from €14.1 per day

get your car
 Opel Corsa
Economy Opel Corsa

from €20 per day

get your car
 Renault Megane
Compact Renault Megane

from €24.2 per day

 Chevrolet Cruze
Intermediate Chevrolet Cruze

from €30.5 per day

Larnaca Airport car hire companies

We work with dozens of providers to bring you the best deals. They include large international suppliers and small local agencies, but each meets the highest quality standards regardless of status. That’s why you get the perfect car rental in Larnaca every time you search for a vehicle on our website.

You can compare similar deals from different companies in many ways, including price, discounts available, or T&Cs. We've also provided a customer rating so you can rate each vendor based on reviews. At Larnaca Airport, you have access to on-site and off-site companies. Find more information below.

On-site providers

These companies are situated in the arrivals area of ​​the terminal, at the exit. You can find the corresponding counter by following the branded overhead signs. The parking area is accessible via a lift or escalator. The list of on-site providers includes:

Off-site providers

You can rent a car at Larnaca Airport from companies located outside the facility. As a rule, their offices are within 3-9 km from the terminal and are easily accessible via Meet & Greet or Shuttle services. Check the list of these providers and their exact addresses to pick up/return a vehicle below:

Among all companies, Dollar, Avis, Hertz, Firefly, Enterprise, Europcar, Aercar, Global, AutoUnion, Kem, and National are open 24 hours 7 days a week. The rest provide after-hours car hire Larnaca pick up/drop off on request.

Car rental companies with free shuttle at Larnaca Airport

Many companies provide a free shuttle transfer to their off-site offices. In order to reach the bus stop, go up to Level 2 Departures from the arrivals hall by using escalators or stairs. Then, exit the terminal, and walk about 30 metres to the left edge of the public drop-off lane. After that, board the shuttle with the appropriate company logo and wait for departure.

The trip from the terminal to the office will take 2-7 minutes, depending on the supplier. The list of companies offering shuttle services for car rental LCA Airport includes:

How much is it to rent a car at Larnaca Airport?

The cheapest offer is Mini Opel Adam available for €14/day from FLIZZR. Full-size vehicles, estates, and minivans, such as Kia Ceed, cost an average of €48.6/day. The most expensive deals are luxury, premium, and 9-15 passenger vehicles, which cost €131.6/day.

Please note that the final price may fluctuate depending on the trip duration, vehicle optional specification, booking time, and season. When renting a car in Cyprus, you can lower the price by following a few simple guidelines:

Rental car classes at Hermes Airport in Larnaca

We have the right vehicle for your every need. If you are travelling with family and children, pick up a spacious full-size auto or 7-seater. All-wheel drive SUV is suitable for fans of extreme rides and off-road adventures. At the same time, budget travellers will enjoy a money-saving drive in a mini, economy, or compact auto.

When searching for the best car rental at Larnaca Airport, be guided by the number of passengers and luggage, the purpose of the trip, the area you are going to drive in, and your personal preferences. If you still don't know which category to reserve, please see all available groups below:

Car rental brands at Larnaca LCA Airport

Want to find a cheap car rental at Larnaca Airport of a specific brand? You can do this through our website. Fill out the search form and select deals with the “Guaranteed model” sign available in the list of found offers. In case the company can’t provide you with the exact model selected, it’s obliged to replace it with a similar or a higher-class vehicle. If you know the model of a certain brand meets the desired technical specifications, try to find it by clicking on the button with the corresponding automaker in the following list.

Young driver car rental in Larnaca

You must be at least 18 years of age to drive in Cyprus, but companies apply daily extra charges and additional restrictions if you haven’t reached 25. When booking under 25 car hire Larnaca International Airport on our website, we don’t include the young driver's fee in the total price. This fee is payable on the counter when collecting the vehicle.

You can find a large selection of Larnaca Airport deals suitable for young travellers by filling out the search form at the top of the page. For more details on underage rentals, click on the button corresponding to your age.

Advice for renting a car in Larnaca, Cyprus

Collecting and driving a car rental in Cyprus is a smooth and hassle-free experience in most cases. However, travelling in an unfamiliar country can present specific challenges, and you may run into some difficulties if you don't prepare ahead of time. Check out valuable tips to make your trip cheaper, safer, and generally better.

FAQs about car rental at Larnaca Airport, Cyprus

What do I need to hire a car at Cyprus Larnaca Airport?

Each company has unique T&Cs that regulate the list of required documents and payment methods. According to most policies, the following items are required to pick up a car rental Cyprus Larnaca:

What is the cheapest car hire at Larnaca Airport?

With a price of €14/day, Mini Opel Adam is the cheapest rental car at Larnaca Airport. However, always check what you get for this price, as an attractive cost can be the result of the exclusion of mandatory taxes and fees. Also, pay special attention to insurance, mileage, deposit, and other things that affect the final rate.

What is the best car hire at Larnaca Airport?

The best deal is a combination of significant factors, including value for money, the quality and speed of the pick-up and drop-off service, and the cleanliness of the vehicle. See the list of companies rated based on customer reviews. The higher the rating, the better the company performs in the aggregate of important parameters.

What side of the road do they drive on Cyprus?

Remember the main rule - drive on the left and overtake on the right. In this sense, Cyprus is similar to the United Kingdom.

Where is a petrol station near Larnaca Airport?

The nearest station is Petrolina Gas Station located 1 km or 2 minutes drive from the airport. It’s available at VJF3+6V7, Dromolaxia, Cyprus, and operates every day 24 hours. The price of fuel at the beginning of September is €1.546 but may change due to fluctuations in the oil market.