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Hermes Airport Larnaca Arrivals

Larnaca Airport arrivals today

Travellers heading to LCA should keep an eye on their Larnaca arrivals and flights’ status. Follow your flight’s real-time progress with our simple flight-tracking engine. This tool will update you on the latest information on the Airport Larnaca arrivals.


Flight From Airline Time Status
CY313 LCA 00:05 landed
W64550 LCA 00:30 DELAYED 02:35
CY107 LCA 00:40 active
AA6702 LCA 00:50 DELAYED 02:18
BA672 LCA 00:50 DELAYED 02:18
OA6910 LCA 01:10 DELAYED 01:35
A3910 LCA 01:10 DELAYED 01:35
CY415 LCA 02:20 scheduled
AF9719 LCA 03:20 landed
JU886 LCA 03:20 landed
W65749 LCA 04:30 DELAYED 05:30

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Larnaca Airport passport control

For a convenient Larnaca journey, prepare your documents before Passport Control. In particular, check your travel documents’ validity for the trip’s duration. Also, keep track of the destination country’s entry requirements. Check the visa and transit policies, too. The country’s embassy and the consulate will guide you through the latest flight-related information.

Also, you can receive up-to-date information at the Aliens or Immigration areas. They maintain a Passport Control Unit and provide updates on flights to Cyprus. Thus, do not hesitate to contact them for the latest updates about your journey.

For comfortable Larnaca arrivals, vacationers can get updates about the flight regulations. A sustainable way to do so is to contact LCA at +357-2480-4623 or +357-2480-4621.

Lost & Found at Larnaca Airport, Cyprus

Losing or forgetting your belongings at the airport adds trouble to your journey. Luckily, the local Ground Handling agents are ready to help you with the missing items. If you have lost or left your belongings onboard, contact the LCA airline to solve the issue.

When losing your items within airport buildings, contact the Lost & Found Police Office; this is where airlines store all lost and unattended items. To claim your lost belongings, call either LCA at +357-2480-4716 or the police office at +357-2480-4715.